Commercial Crates in Charlotte

While building wooden crates is a pretty straight forward concept, We understand that all our clients have different needs. We listen to your concerns and will work with you to help fulfill your needs while providing options and quality workmanship. Typical crating consists of fully enclosed crates, light weight skeleton crates, or custom pallets and cribbing. Nothing is outside of our realm of ability.

Our pallets are also completely custom built, and can be anywhere from a onetime use to elaborately built show pieces that have cribbing and bracing placed strategically, allowing the item it’s built for to be gently placed and secured easily and efficiently.

We are more than happy to come to your location and go over the various options that are available for your needs, and help you decide which route is best for you. We are proud to explain some of our unique ideas that have saved our clients time, and money.

We get involved with you and do the crating at your warehouse or our facility. Giving us the advantage to better address concerns specific with your product and use the proper inner packaging. We also take into consideration the transportation method of the crates and the capabilities of the end user to handle and unload the crates.


Do you need an expedited shipment? No problem, We are able to react the same day or next day business.

Commercial Crating and Palletizing Services