Commercial Crating and Palletizing Services

Palletizing & Skidding

In many cases, complete crating is not required and Skidding can facilitate equipment handling. On The Move offers heavy duty skidding, using properly sized timbers and hardware to allow forklift access, and with considerable cost savings over complete crating

Commercial Crates in Charlotte

What We Offer

Hardware and packaging options

If you have special requests or just want options, we provide installation of doors & hinges, casters, dividers and D-rings.

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Commercial and Industrial Crating

On The Move Services, Inc. studies your requirements and use "time-tested" proven designs, in conjunction with the latest technology in materials and construction methods, to provide the best protection for your products. Many companies can provide you with a crate. On The Move Services Inc. will provide you with protection. It's how you pack the product that really matters.